Welcome to Monachus Monachus Apartments!

We are located in Fragokastelo, Sfakia, in southwestern Crete.

Monachus Monachus Apartments were established in 2006. They are just off the main road that follows the coastline of the Fragokastello plain, approximately 300 metres from the nearest of the many beaches in the area.

The twenty-two, self-contained apartments are organized in 3 units, which were designed and oriented so that their balconies would have views to the fortress, the beach and the nearby spectacular mountains, without exposing guests to wind, or imposing themselves on the landscape.

Fragokastelo is part of Sfakia, a province found to the south of Chania, in western Crete. This is the largest of the Greek islands, featuring a unique mixture of mountainous and coastal terrain, which creates a spectacular scenery.