As soon as you arrive in the area, you will see that the fortress of Fragokastelo is without a doubt the most dominant feature in the entire plain. While it certainly is interesting and steeped in local legends and history, the fort can be too strong a focal point for the casual visitor, causing him/her to ignore the unique character of the region. So what else is there?

To the north-east, there are two villages: Patsianos (on the left, as seen from the fortress) and Kapsodasos. The village of Kallikratis is not in view, although the road leading to it is visible, etched on the side of the mountain that towers above the two 'coastal' villages.

For a complete view of the fortress, the area, the wider region of Sfakia and the rest of Crete, please choose one of the options below:



The Fortress






Nikos Kazantzakis


El Greco