Bilder von Monachus Monachus

Innen - 2 Schlafzimmer appartements

the living room kitchen & table table & couch hall
double bedroom double bedroom double bedroom second bedroom
second bedroom second bedroom bathroom bathroom

Innen - Studios

hall view split beds joined beds
rearward view joined beds bathroom

Innen - 1 Schlafzimmer appartements

the bedroom the bedroom corridor
kitchen kitchen bathroom

Außen - der Swimmingpool, Cafeteria und Aussenansicht

cafeteria cafeteria exterior swimming pool swimming pool by night
swimming pool by night cafe and fortress by night pool in the morning pool-apartments
children's pool pool and apartments tables, castle and cat pool & sitting area
cafe & pool from above garden apts balconies studio balcony view
studio balcony view large apt view in the trees large apt trees
apt stairs 1bed apt view 1bed apt balcony 1bed apt low balcony
garden view flower bed apts and lawn apts and lawn
large balcony & fortress large balcony & fortress garden, lawn, mountains 2nd building lawn
paths and trees mountain view panoramic moonlit light painting!

Fragokastello, seine sandigen Strände und die Festung

Orthi Ammos beach Orth Ammos dunes Fortress beach Fortress beach
Frangokastello by night south tower SW wall
west tower main entrance coat of arms east tower interior
west tower entry fortress interior north tower UP! view from west tower
beach from tower tower window monachus from tower window beach from window

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